leandria johnson

Le’Andria Johnson

*You don’t often hear about preachers passing out cigarettes and condoms, for the two stars of Oxygen’s “Preachers of Atlanta,” it’s evidence of a way to reach folks who may be put off by church.

“20 cigarettes, 20 people smoking them… they all came to church,” Pastor Le’Andria Johnson told theGrio regarding her attempt to break down barriers with non-churchgoers. “They’re still coming to church. So it works. The method works.”

“Condoms, I’m not going pass them out to some 10-year-old girl or some 12-year-old boy, but there are transgender men and women and then you have prostitutes… ‘Here’s a condom.’ At least be safe. How can the world practice safe sex and the church can’t?” Johnson added.

Johnson, a Grammy-winning recording artists and Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier look to be making a noticeable impact as they use their unconventional methods to take on sensitive and polarizing issue in America while triggering discussion in their community on “Preachers of Atlanta.” In addition to giving out cigarettes and condoms to those in need, the pastor’s have been known to dress like a prostitute to minister to women caught up in their sexualized occupation.

Be sure to tune in for the premiere of “Preachers of Atlanta” is set to premiere tonight, Wednesday (Feb. 3) at 10/9c on Oxygen. To see Johnson and Jones-Pothier interview with theGrio, check out the video below: