*During a recent star studded, Hollywood power broker fund raiser in Beverly Hills, California, Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia spoke exclusively with ReelUrbanNews.com about the top men vying for the republican nomination.

“Folks on the other side, whether it’s Mr. Trump or Mr. Cruz or other individuals, the bottom line is in one manner or another, they have supported voter suppression, anti gay rights and do not support marriage equality and remain anti Hispanic. You just pick the ill and that side typically supports it.”

“However, I don’t agree with it and many people around the country don’t agree with it.”

Reed was passionate when discussing the importance of politics of inclusion.

“Folks like myself and others who are on the other side, we think America does best when you have expanding opportunities, when you practice politics of inclusion. We believe in inclusion whether than trickle down.”

kasim reed & michael reel

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed & Reel Urban News’ Michael Reel

In our final moments with the 59th mayor of Atlanta, Reed expressed his optimism for America.

“My hope for America is that we continue to believe that a bigger inclusive vision is the right vision for our county.  And that we really take on the issue of equality and inclusion and make sure that everybody has a fair shot and a fair shake to be apart of all of this prosperity.”

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