alex-jones-beyonce-*Most people may be concerned with who Becky is in Beyoncé’s new visual album “Lemonade,” but for Alex Jones, it goes deeper than that.

The New York Daily News reports that Jones, a noted conspiracy theorist, mentioned that “Lemonade” is part of a CIA plot to start a civil war.

Jones made the claim in a video he released that finds him kicking the clip off saying he had an “over the top, important report.”

Of particular interest to the Info Wars founder was the part of “Lemonade” where Beyoncé is shown walking along a street, smashing cars with a baseball bat while singing about the man who betrayed her.

According to Info Wars, Beyoncé was invoking “urban terrorism” with what she did. In Jones’ eyes, the action was engineered “so young people go out and act like maniacs and try to start a race war in this country.”

Jones goes on to point out that “Lemonade” was a work that followed the path laid by Beyoncé’s single and video “Formation,” released in February, as well as the singer’s Super Bowl halftime show that “purposely portrayed police in a negative light.”

Despite this, the Daily News notes how Jones mentioned “law enforcement was also part of the nebulous propaganda conspiracy because they are funded by the same government elites bankrolling the award-winning singer.”

Regarding Jones exact motives behind the alleged CIA-Beyoncé-FOX-Viacom syndicate starting a civil war, the publication reports that those motives were not “explicitly articulated by the host, though he also blamed the corporations for making father figures look fat on sitcoms.”