*Oh hell no! We know high school kids can be a challenge sometimes. So what’s an educator to do? Well let’s start with what you DON’T do.

Hit the student.

A video has surfaced showing 63-year-old Mary Hastings slapping the crap out of one of her students as he sits at his desk in class. The teacher can be overheard in the 12-second video saying something to the effect of, “Because you’re stopping him from graduating you idiot!,” as the poor kid ducks his head and attempts to protect himself with his hands asked, “Why you did that?”

And she stands there and mocks him by repeating his question using a baby voice.

The other students whoop and holler in laughter as the boy sits there…humiliated.

We don’t have permission to show you the video, but you can see it here.

A student captured the video (the incident took place on Friday morning) on his cellphone and uploaded it. Before Hastings went all ape-sh*t on the student, she was seen grabbing a bunch of papers off his desk.

“BISD does not condone employees abusing any child and will not tolerate such conduct,” Beaumont Independent School District spokeswoman Nakisha Burns said in a statement. “The teacher was immediately removed from the classroom and placed on administrative leave pending action on her contract.”

But not before she was booked into the Jefferson County jail on a misdemeanor count of assault.

She’s free now though, after posting the $2,500 bond.

Hastings does have at least one supporter though.

And from the sound of his voice, he’s clearly Black.

The witness spoke to FoxNews anonymously, saying off camera that he didn’t want this to ruin his life. He calls Hastings “a great teacher” and says she is always the target of things being thrown at her by the kids. Listen to him as he speaks to Fox News here.

Great teacher or not, keep your hands off the students. Can’t you just see the parents of this child once they realize what happened?



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