brandy norwood*The legal battle between Brandy Norwood and her record label, Chameleon Entertainment Group, is entering an ugly phase with the record company accusing the 37-year-old singer-actress of taking “unwarranted desperate measures to stay relevant.”

According to theJasmineBrand, Norwood’s lawsuit, filed earlier this month, stems from claims that Chameleon won’t allow her to record or release new music.

In 2011, Norwood signed with Chameleon, which released her album “Two Eleven” in 2012. Under the deal, Chameleon had the option to release four more albums from Norwood. Despite this the suit mentions that Chameleon refused to allow her to record a new album.

Responding to Norwood’s lawsuit, a representative for the label’s CEO, Breyon Prescott, released the following statement to theJasmineBRAND:

“Breyon Prescott is deeply disappointed that rather than discussing her concerns with her present contractual status in a productive way, Brandy has taken unwarranted desperate measures to stay relevant by filing false outrageous claims and speaking on social media. His recent work with her was the product of his strong belief that her career deserves to and can be revitalized. He tried to create a conduit for her to find an effective outlet for her music by presenting her a new deal to secure distribution. At no point has this process generated meaningful revenue for Mr. Prescott. As one of Brandy’s most consistent supporters, his professional connection to her precedes her recent negotiations with Sony. Breyon wishes nothing but the best for Brandy and believes she deserves a prosperous career.”

The statement goes on counter Norwood’s claim of Chameleon blocking her from releasing new music as it referenced the release of her single, “Begging and Pleading,” which arrived in January. In the label’s eyes, the lawsuit is nothing more than an effort to “drum up publicity” for the tune.

“Breyon has not been served. This is a stunt to drum up publicity for her single release. Brandy released a video for Begging and Pleading today. If Prescott wanted to, he could pull the song from iTunes,” the statement read as it pointed to Norwood’s declining music sales, which resulted in her being dropped from Epic Records amid “changing leadership.” “At no point was Brandy blocked or controlled from recording or releasing new music. In January of 2016, she released a single “Begging and Pleading”, without any résistance from Chameleon Entertainment. Brandy is not signed to Epic Records. Brandy uses her music as a tool to promote her acting career. Breyon and Brandy haven’t spoken more than 3 words to each other in 3 years. Brandy had huge multimillion selling hits on Atlantic Records from 1994 to 2002. But her sales began to decline as tastes changed, downloading cut into sales, and her audience moved on.

“She went from selling over 1 million copies in 2002 with “Full Moon” to just 400,000 in 2004 for “Afrodisiac,” the statement continued. “Brandy left Atlantic at that point for Epic Records, which is part of Sony Music. Her 2008 album, called “Knockout,” bombed, selling just 214,000 copies. Epic, undergoing a leadership change, dropped her.”

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