*EUR was on the Scene at the Hollywood premiere of Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book,’ which is in theaters now!

EUR: Did you have more fun filming ‘The Jungle Book’ or walking the red carpet and talking to the press?

Neel Sethi: The acting because I’m not doing the same thing over and over again.

Neel Sethi star of 'The Jungle Book'

Neel Sethi star of ‘The Jungle Book’

EUR: What is one of your simple bare necessities?

Bill Bellamy: A simple bare necessity for me is happiness.

EUR: What makes you happy?

Bill Bellamy: My life, my family, my career…to be able to live my dream. Doing things I didn’t believe I could do. It’s dope!

Comedian, Bill Bellamy

Comedian, Bill Bellamy

EUR: If you were to go to the jungle what one item would you take with you and why?

Mario Lopez: Food of some sort! I’m not a camper kind of guy.

Mario Lopez at 'The Jungle Book' premiere

Mario Lopez at ‘The Jungle Book’ premiere

Faizon Love: I would take fried chicken. You know those shows like “Naked and Afraid?” I wonder why they never take food with them. Take some sandwiches and sh**. Or a shotgun. They always say, “I’m going to take a knife!” No! Take a shotgun! I used to live in South Africa!

EUR: What was South Africa like?

Faizon Love: Like this, but with real lions holding cell phones!

EUR: If you had to be raised by a pack of animals which would you choose and why?

Fazion Love at 'The Jungle Book' premiere

Fazion Love at ‘The Jungle Book’ premiere

Bill Bellamy: I’m gonna go with the lion. The lion goes hard! He’s the king of the jungle. If I get in some trouble, he knows some people that are going to help me. And I’m gonna eat good!

EUR: You and Jon Favreau have both starred in “Zookeeper,” “Couples Retreat,” “Made,” and “The Replacements.” Do you two have any other projects together in the pipeline?

Faizon Love: He’s a very good friend of mine. He’s like my brother. I support everything he does. All of his projects keep getting better and better. As the older we get, it keeps getting better and better. I don’t know if I want to make a movie yet. I’m gonna lose some weight first.