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*A video showing a grandmother pulling a knife on her young grandson for being disrespectful has gone viral, and has some folks seriously worried about the boy’s welfare.

The clip begins with the boy in the back seat of a car appearing to laugh mockingly at his grandmother, who is in the passenger seat.

The woman repeatedly tells the boy to “Shut the f**k up,” before saying, “I got a knife. Think I won’t draw it on you.”

She is then seen rummaging through her purse before pulling out a switchblade, which she points at her grandson. The boy is heard yelling, “Oh, oh, Grandma, chill out!” as the woman unbuckles her seatbelt to turn all the way toward the backseat.

“Shut the f**k up now!” she says, eyes widened. The boy backs up so far in his seat that his head is in the rear windshield.

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“I’ll stick it all the way up yo’ god**** ass,” she told her grandson.

“I done sharpened it up…a long time ago,” she said of the blade. “Talk to me like that again. I don’t care what kinda problem you got. I got one, too, god****it. I’m crazy, too.”

Watch below (warning: language NSFW):

This probably won’t be the last time we hear about this woman.