Hillary Clinton & Mayor de Blasio’s ‘Off-Color’ Joke Controversy 
*Hillary Clinton and Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York made a potentially racist joke about “C.P. Time” or “Colored People Time” at a recent elite dinner that had people cringing. Sharon Osbourne says:

“It didn’t offend me. What offended me was their timing, because they’re not comics.” After reminding viewers that the Mayor is married to black woman, Osbourne adds, “…they are just being cute. It wasn’t made to be offensive.” Aisha Tyler remarks, “Some politicians are very funny…I think President Obama kills every year at the White House Correspondents Dinner.” Sheryl Underwood says, “Donald Trump is hilarious and he doesn’t even know it.”

Sheryl Underwood Reveals Kylie Jenner’s Time-Traveling Wig Collection
Kylie Jenner claims to have “started wigs,” and the hosts respond, with Sheryl Underwood revealing a collection of wigs that Kylie created before she was even born, saying:

“Long before the Egyptians, Kylie Jenner was in a time machine and she invented the Michael Jackson ‘This Is It’ wig” as well as the looks for the Jackson 5 and Diana Ross & the Supremes. Sharon Osbourne adds, “I am going to take credit for red hair dye… Listen, she’s only 18. Bless that little wig-wearing baby.”

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