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*For the seventh consecutive year, every last senior at Chicago’s predominantly black, all-boys charter school Urban Prep is headed to college, reports the Huffington Post.

At the school’s three campuses combined, the class of 2016 has been admitted to more than 220 schools – all four year colleges or universities.

“It’s a great day,” Rudolph Long, who’s attending Hampton University, told CBS Chicago on Urban Prep’s college signing day on Tuesday. “I feel great. We all made it. We all come from good environments so to see us all going to college is nice.”

Overall, the senior class has received more than 1,500 college admissions and has been offered more than $15 million in scholarships and grants, according to CBS Chicago.

Founder and CEO of Urban Prep Tim King said the students have been admitted to schools all over the country, including Georgetown University, Yale University, Morehouse College, among other schools.

Since 2010, every senior class has had 100 percent of their students admitted to college, the school’s website says. The school’s motto is “We Believe,” which serves as a reminder “that Urban Prep students will not fall into the trap of negative stereotypes and low expectations,” the school’s website says.