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*Rapper 50 Cent recorded himself mocking a Cincinnati airport worker he thought was high on drugs, but was in fact autistic. The worker’s parents are furious and are now asking the rapper to donate $1 million to their son’s GoFundMe page or face a lawsuit.

In the video posted to his Instagram and Twitter accounts, a janitor is minding his own business when 50 – who had been complaining about the “new generation” being “crazy” – asks the teen his name. The worker just shakes his head and continues pushing his janitorial cart.

“Look at him. What kinda sh*t you think he took before he came to work today? He high as a motherf****a right here in the airport,” 50 Cent said.

Watch below:

The worker, Andrew Farrell, is on the autism spectrum with Asperger’s syndrome, a condition that makes it difficult to socialize. He is also hearing impaired, according to his parents, who have hired a lawyer in consideration of a lawsuit.

“You come up and you start talking to a kid you know nothing about. That’s not fair. That’s a slap in the face,” Farrell’s stepfather told Cincinnati’s WRKC.

“Personally, I think the guy was mad,” said his mother Amanda. “Andrew didn’t know who he was right away and he ignored him and he did his job and went about his business. I think he was mad and offended that someone didn’t flock to him.”

According to TMZ, both parents are considering litigation, but are willing to forget the incident if 50 Cent apologizes and donates $1 million to a GoFundMe for their son.