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*Sprayground, known as a “rebel” accessory brand,  teamed up with one of hip hop’s most outspoken rappers, the Game, to create some of the hottest backpack & duffle bag looks for the upcoming Summer16 season! Through a recent partnership with the Los Angeles based rapper, the fashion accessory label was able to create an all red custom patchwork collection titled, The Red Army.

The all red, Red Army collection includes tons of military inspired patchwork with inspiration stemming from the life experiences of both the Game & Sprayground’s founder and creative director, David Ben David.

The collection includes a red backpack and duffel set, including the aforementioned patches and features an oversized embroidered Sprayground shark mouth logo.

Ben David describes how his Military/ hippie upbringing impacted his passion for fashion and had a huge influence on the decision to add patchwork to the Red Army’s look.

“My father was in the military and my mother was a hippie. So those two combined things did it for me- creating a love vs. war creative mindset.”

And of course rap artist himself, The Game, who’s always taken slack for his gang affiliation utilized his life and music career experiences to draw inspiration for the collection as well.

“We decided to call the collection the Red Army out of love for my fans, my fans— i call them The Red Army.”

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When the Game was asked why he chose the color red, the rhyme spitter responded:

“With everything I do involving the color red people always try to make it violent and gang affiliated. This time, I wanted it to represent everyone as a whole, showing that we are all together standing as one for a hip hop cause instead of it being the usual symbolism of violence or something that is going to deteriorate the black culture”

Dating back to Run DMC and hit signature song, “My Adidas,” the hip hop culture has always played a major part in the latest fashion trends both on the runways and in the streets. With some of the biggest names in the hip hop culture proudly endorsing apparel and accessory brands Sprayground is no stranger to the golden, artist x brand collaboration.

“Part of what I love to do is to give artists an alternative medium to express themselves. With The Game, it was no different, and I believe this collaboration is a true representation of The Game’s style and aesthetic, with an added Sprayground twist. Overall it was an amazing experience working with such a talented artist and icon,”  said David Ben-David.

The limited-edition “Red Army” capsule collection ranges in price from $70-$80 and can be purchased online at as well as outlets nationwide until supplies run out.