Drunken toddler, dad

*Now you know daddy’s ass needs to be whupped. Its doubtful this baby’s mama knew what she was doing when she left her child in the hands of this obvious fool of a father. But according to Gainesville, Georgia police, 20-year-old Marcus Allen was in a drunken stupor on Saturday while his 3-year-old son was visiting.

Thank goodness a relative showed up and called the cops after they found the kid acting “abnormally and reeking of alcohol” as the dad was passed out in the bedroom.

According to what police told WXIA, Allen had been drinking some kind of “fruitty drink” before he passed out, and authorities suspect the child ingested the liquid after the dad conked out.

Both the boy and his father were transported to a nearby hospital, where police say the boy’s blood alcohol level was close to twice the legal driving limit for an adult.

The video report describes the container carrying the father’s liquor as something “that amounted to a large sippy cup.”

It even had a straw in it.

“Had the child ingested more alcohol, it could have been fatal,” Gainesville Police Deputy Chief Jay Parrish said.

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