katt williams in court

*This is getting to be predictable.

We’re talking more bad news for Katt Williams.

The diminutive funny man, according to TMZ, has been charged with one count of misdemeanor battery for what he calls a Good Samaritan act back in March in LA where Katt allegedly struck bystanders in self-defense.

Katt told us the guys were cracking short jokes on him after he ran to help victims in a car crash.

Meanwhile, back east … prosecutors in Georgia filed a motion to revoke his bond in his bodyguard assault case. The Hall County D.A. said his last arrest — for allegedly throwing a salt shaker at a restaurant manager — was the last straw.

If a judge signs off, Katt could be locked up until he goes to trial. He also faces 6 months in jail for the L.A. case.

Like we said, Katt’s bad news is good news … for his lawyers.