lee bailey & eddie levert

Just Kickin It! Veteran broadcaster and EURweb (1M plus unique visitors monthly) publisher Lee Bailey congratulates music icon Eddie Levert after recent show at Mavericks Flat, in Los Angeles. (Photo: Steven Williams)

*With the passing of the Prince of Soul, these times of Black musical-reflection are upon all that is rhythm and blues … making it crystal clear that we must celebrate our great inspirations while they are still here and not allow anyone to place their accomplishments on the back burner, for they are the original creators of all that is music.

As the prophet Little Richard would say, we are the creators, and the originators, so it’s time once again to celebrate all that is Black Music and own it.

Among our great legends and creators of the soundtrack for “Black life in the city,” are Eddie Levert and the OJays who for over five decades have blessed us with their raw talent, depth of range and character.

Eddie Levert, by the way, is currently touring the country this spring and performing in intimate concert settings promoting his new solo music project, “Did I Make You Go Ooh” The soulful crooner recently made an appearance to a sold out star-studded, music industry audience at Mavericks Flat in Los Angeles California.

Special surprise guest Johnny Gil sang a duo with Levert in loving memory of his son Gerald.

Eddie will continue touring solo and promoting his new project throughout the Spring and Summer. Meanwhile, the OJays will kick off their group tour this Summer.

Also, look for an exclusive interview with Eddie Levert by Lee Bailey right here at EURweb.com.




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