Larry Evans

*Larry Evans, the popular St. Louis man whose weight loss journey inspired millions over the years, has lost his battle with pneumonia, according to Fox 2 Now. He was only 40.

Evans went from weighing 823 pounds to 587 pounds in just two years; and he allowed the world of social media to follow his weight loss quest and mission to save his own life.

“Get up, get out and do something” was the phrase Evans was best known for saying in his videos posted to Facebook.

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With the help of his two friends, Evans dropped his weight by exercising and changing his diet. His powerful journey inspired thousands, and even earned him free access to Gold’s Gym. One of his Facebook videos has more than 27,837,900 views.

“Through all of the challenges, he was determined to not give up,” his family and friends said. “Larry is in heaven now, with the same mission. He is resting in peace, spending time with family and friends.”

A Go Fund Me account has been set up by his trainer and best friend, Chris Booth, who hopes to use the funds to aid in helping with the Celebration of Life expenses. Chris vows to carry on the Team Larry Evans Legacy.

“Larry Evans started his weight loss lifestyle change journey at 823 lbs. He was on a mission to shrink obesity around the world starting with himself,” Booth said. “Larry had a heart of gold and loved everyone. He put his life on display through social media to inspire everyone to GET UP, GET OUT & DO SOMETHING.”

According to statistics, the mortality rate is up to 30% for patients with severe pneumonia who require treatment in an intensive-care unit. Overall, around 5%-10% of patients who are treated in a hospital setting die from the disease.