Monica, Shannon

*R&B Diva Monica Brown has apparently forgiven her husband Shannon Brown for his alleged adultery, as evident by the IG video she shared of them together at Beyonce‘s sold out Formation World Tour at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on Sunday.

Mo gave viewers the middle finger in the Instagram video, in which she captioned: “Don’t take yourself too serious,” she wrote in the video caption.

As you know, there were reports that Shannon cheated on Monica with an Instagram groupie. The couple separated briefly while Monica and her three children moved back in with her mother temporarily, according to Sandra Rose. The blogger also notes that Mo’s video caption was “probably referring to Instagram models who victimize married men by sliding into their DMs to serve them with nude photos and other come ons. Groupies know that a man can’t resist a naked woman, and that 9 times out of 10 he will slip up and call her number.”

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Meanwhile, NBA star Steph Curry’s image is being used by Philadelphia drug dealers to sell their merchandise.

via TMZ

According to reports, regional transit police chief Thomas Nestel tweeted a photo of packets of pure heroin featuring the Golden State Warriors star guard’s face stamped on them.

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Nestel said he noticed the curry-branded heroin packets after one of his officers seized the drugs from a man during a drug bust. He also noted that this marks the first time he has seen Philly drug dealers use professional athletes or celebrities to promote their drug merchandise.