*Today (05-05-16) on TV One’s NewsOne Now, host and managing editor Roland S. Martin spoke about the recent developments in a case involving a police attack of a Chicago Pastor.

Kingdom Life Center Co-Pastor Rev. Catherine Brown, who was charged and acquitted of attempted murder, has filed a lawsuit against two Chicago Police officers for wrongfully accusing her of attacking them during a road rage incident. Rev. Brown, who once was a strong police advocate, expressed her newfound disdain for the Chicago Police Department.

During her conversation with Martin, she also spoke about the terrible effect the assault had on herself and 8 year-old daughter. Panelists Attorney A. Scott Bolden, former federal prosecutor Laura Coates, and Republican strategist Shermichael Singleton discussed how this particular case validates the Black community concerns against police brutality.

Watch the harrowing incident go down via police cam video:

Laura Coates said:  “We believe the information about officers doing this is anecdotal and that it doesn’t happen to most people or people that you know. Then you see something like this and it validates the concerns of people in Chicago talking about the [police] department has an atmosphere of corruption and an atmosphere where they prey upon people for no crime whatsoever. What we will see is more and more cases like Rev. Brown’s where a couple years later we get footage that confirms that the person was not a typical person who hated the police. There was a valid reason and they were preyed upon. I wish I could be shocked.”

Below,  observe Laura Coates’ reaction to the case: