Jonathan Cain of Journey on KCBS

Jonathan Cain of Journey talks Prince on KCBS

*After Prince recorded “Purple Rain,” he called a member of the rock band Journey to make sure that it didn’t sound too close to one of their most famous ballads, according to CBS Los Angeles.

“I’m afraid that I might have taken too many of the chord progressions from your song ‘Faithfully’ and I’m a little concerned,” Prince told Jonathan Cain during the 1983 call, according to Cain. “If you want me to change it, I will.”

Cain, who wrote “Faithfully,” said he told Prince: “I don’t think harmonically or melodically there was anything to worry about.”

The Journey musician said he was flattered that Prince would show such concern.

“It just showed what a classy guy he was and that he cared that much,” he said.

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Cain, who is currently on tour with Journey, says even though an exact cause of death for Prince hasn’t been determined, he believes the rumored Percocet overdose was an accident.

“You do anything to block the pain and sometimes you’re not counting and it just overwhelms you,” he said.

Journey recently played “Purple Rain” at one of their shows he said as a tribute to a legend.

“He died suddenly but his music is eternal,” he said.

Cain said after he gave Prince his blessing to move forward with “Purple Rain,” Prince gave him front row tickets to a show where he threw a tambourine out to him. He said, to this day, it is still one of his most prized possessions.