image010(1)*In wake of the child molestation allegations waged against Afrika Bambaataa, the national hip-hop awareness group Zulu Nation is distancing itself from the hip hop pioneer. Previously, the group had dismissed the charges against Bambaataa as nothing more than “rumors, slander and outright lies.” But now, the group say, “We have a duty to search for truth,” New York Daily News reports.

Bambaata has been accused of abusing his leadership position as several young men continue to come forward claiming to be either victims of witnesses to his pedophilia. Zulu Nation will bring in new leadership to look at the accusations with a new, more “in-depth re-assessment.” They also plan to provide support for victims of abuse, rape and molestation, and they vow to work more closely on other social issues such as “drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health.”

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Former members like Adisa Banjoko distanced themselves from Bambaataa before the official group did so, and Banjoko even resigned from Zulu Nation altogether.

“The father in me, the teacher in me, the protector of the youth that I strive to be cannot be in the proximity of the allegations made against Afrika Bambaataa and top-tier leadership of UZN,” Banjoko told HipHopDX.

Bambaataa’s lawyer, Charles Tucker, claimed that Zulu Nation’s statement is nothing more than a PR stunt, saying they were worried money given to the group would dry up in the face of controversy. Tucker claimed some accusers had reached out to the group in the hopes that they might “receive something.”

“This is not a crime story. This belongs in the gossip section. This is not Bill Cosby,” he said.

What do you think of these allegations against Afrika Bambaataa? If true, should his alleged victims sue him?