*”Trolls,” one of DreamWorks Animation most anticipated films since “Shrek,” held its rainbow carpet premiere on Sunday (10-23-16) and EURweb associate Jay Styles had a chance to speak with the cast on the film.

Justin Timberlake who voices Branch, said that it was a lot of fun working on the film as the Executive Producer.

“Everyone is so musically talented[that] they didn’t need much coaching from me; I don’t know what I would tell them. It’s nice to have people that are so talented that you just have to make choices.”

The Late Late Night host James Corden who voices the character “Biggie” in the film, shared his experience on working with Justin Timberlake in the studio.

“I did a half day with Justin Timberlake in the studio and I’m going to feel like I fulfilled the life long ambition of joining N’SYNC.”


glozell green (trolls)

Ron Funches, Kunal Nayyar, Glozell Green and Christopher Mintz-Plasse were among the other cast members in the film that we spoke with at the premiere and shared the overall message of the film.

“The whole message of the film is just holding on to your happiness[and] not letting anyone steal it from you, said Ron Funches. “that you don’t have to go out and buy it, that it’s already within you and you just have to be yourself and be happy and dance, that’s it!”

The film is a funny comedy centered around  two Trolls who are on a mission to rescue their friends from the evil Bergens and in the  process, on a journey to find their happiness.

Trolls opens in theaters on November 4th.