Black Jeopardy on SNL

*Saturday Night Live enlisted Tom Hanks to rock a red “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” hat while playing a Donald Trump supporter who is surprisingly knowable at “Black Jeopardy.”

“Saturday Night Live” has staged its “Black Jeopardy” sketch before, pitting its black cast members against white guest hosts who are ignorant about black culture and jargon. This time, the white contestant — a Trump supporter named Doug played by Hanks — proved to be the opposite.

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During the sketch, Leslie Jones picked a category titled “They Out Here Saying,” Kenan Thompson read the clue: “They out here saying that every vote counts.” Hanks buzzed in and answered: “What is ‘Come on, they already decided who wins even ’fore it happens.’ ”

The sketch humorously played on the common ground between African Americans and rural white conservatives: a sense of disenfranchisement and a distrust of authorities.

Under the category “Big Girls,” Thompson read this clue: “Skinny women can do this for you.”

“What is ‘Not a damn thing,’ ” Hanks answered, which received a high-five from Leslie Jones. “My wife, she’s a sturdy gal.”

“That is my man right there,” Jones said.

The sketch sparked much buzz on social media. MTV political writer Ezekiel Kweku tweeted that it was the “best analysis of the white working class and the presidential election I’ve seen this cycle.”

Former Jeb Bush staffer Tim Miller tweeted:

Former actress and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash tweeted: