Bill Cosby (L), R. Kelly (Top) and Kanye West

Bill Cosby (L), R. Kelly (Top) and Kanye West

*As part of its annual Halloween tradition, consumer research service E-Score polled American citizens on the creepiness factor among celebrities, and scoring in the top ten for 2016 were accused rapist Bill Cosby, former accused child pornographer R. Kelly and self-proclaimed Yeezus, Kanye West.

The company surveyed 1,100 persons with general representation across income, age, education and geographic demographics to represent a cross-section of the U.S. population. The Creepy score is the percentage of respondents who selected “Creepy” as an attribute they would use to describe that individual.

Anthony Weiner topped the list as the creepiest of them all in the annual Halloween survey, with a Creepy score of 63 percent.

Donald Trump tied with Cosby for second place at 40 percent. Also making the top 10 are Woody Allen, Charlie Sheen, Ozzy Osbourne, Caitlyn Jenner and Howard Stern.

E-Score has been tracking America’s creepy celebrities since 2001, and several celebrities are regulars on this list, with Osbourne and Stern dating back to E-Score’s early lists. Allen has been a regular since 2011. Weiner, by far the creepiest this season, has the second highest score ever, behind only Marilyn Manson’s 77% in 2006.

View the entire top 10 below along with their “creepy score”:

Anthony Weiner 63%
Donald Trump 40%
Bill Cosby 40%
Woody Allen 35%
Charlie Sheen 33%
Ozzy Osbourne 31%
Caitlyn Jenner 31%
Howard Stern 27%
R. Kelly 26%
Kanye West 25%