Author Shonda Brown Says 'Don't be a Wife to a Boyfriend'

Author Shonda Brown White, and her bookcover

*Don’t Be A Wife To A Boyfriend: 10 Lessons I Learned When I Was Single is the latest book from African-American best-selling author and blogger Shonda Brown White.

After gaining viral success and garnering more than 70,000 shares for a single article, it was no surprise that her second book would achieve the number one position on Amazon for a self-help category!

With humor, compassion, and the hard-­earned knowledge of experience, White tells you all the things your girlfriends are afraid to, and shares real-life personal stories that will inspire you to love yourself and live your best life no matter your relationship status.

White understands and acknowledges that sometimes women give it their all when they fall in love, even without getting a true commitment in return.

As one reader so eloquently put it, “Page after page, Don’t Be A Wife To A Boyfriend reads like you’re having a one-one conversation with one of your closest girlfriends. She is very transparent about her past struggles, and candidly shares how her faith and failures helped transform her views as a single woman, when it comes to sex, love and relationships.

I recommended this book to all of my single girlfriends. Even my married friends wanted to get in on reading it as well, it’s that good!” Another reader stated, “Shonda Brown White has you hooked from the beginning making it hard for you to put her book down.

I can relate on so many levels being a single woman and the quest to find true love. I highly recommend Don’t Be a Wife to a Boyfriend!

This book is not a man-bashing book; rather, this book is for women who look at their relationships with feelings of betrayal, pain, and emptiness and who want to make a change.

Men who read it will gain more understanding and insight of how certain actions and past incidents can have a lasting impact on the heart and soul of a woman.

The goal of her new book is to help guide readers on a journey to self-discovery and show others that every relationship failure can offer a moment of truth and clarity.

The book is available for immediate purchase at and

About Shonda Brown White

Shonda Brown White, a native of Kentucky and a graduate of the University of Louisville (Major: Marketing), is passionate about empowering women by discussing life and love issues in a real way. Now based in Atlanta, GA with her husband of eight years, this passion has led to multiple speaking engagements, book club interviews and features, and multiple media/broadcast interviews both nationally and internationally.

When she’s not zip-lining through the jungles of the Dominican Republic, exploring new cities, or skydiving out of a plane, she continues sharing many of her life lessons and growth experiences as a regular content contributor for nationally recognized websites, and through her blog,






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