*Well THIS is a different look between exes and the new significant others in their lives. Even more so, niceties shared between two women of different cultures…with a child in the middle, is usually a power play tool and generally, a sure-fire recipe for drama.

But the mother of a beautiful little girl has brought a whole new meaning to share the love and from the look of things, it could be a game changer moving forward.

Audrey Nicole and her husband are divorced. Now, her ex has a new girlfriend and because of shared custody, Nicole sends their little girl, named Riley, to spend time with her father.

Of course this means the new woman will be there too.

But this doesn’t bother Nicole. In fact, on a  Love What Matters Facebook page, she actually shared a funny photo of Riley making silly faces with the girlfriend of her dad. She also wrote a powerful piece to accompany to picture; which serves as a ‘Thank you’ note to the woman, and encourages ex-wives to grown up and look at the benefits of having a woman caring for someone else’s child like their own.

The love went viral.

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