deray mckesson - arrested in baton rouge

DeRay McKesson being arrested in Baton Rouge on 07-09-16 (image via Twitter)

*An unnamed Louisiana cop has filed a lawsuit blaming prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson for inciting a riot and getting struck in the face by a piece of concrete — even though the suit concedes that DeRay didn’t actually throw anything.

The officer filed a federal lawsuit, as a John Doe, against McKesson for organizing a BLM rally on July 9. According to the docs, the rally blocked streets, prompting the need for police to control the crowd.

TMZ reports that the litigious cop says he and his colleagues were first pelted by full bottles, looted from a Circle K — and when the water ran out, someone picked up a piece of concrete … or a rock … and chucked it. The cop says he was struck in the face and went down hard.

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Deray McKesson

The officer says in the lawsuit he was struck by a “rock like substance” and, since Mckesson “was in charge,” he is to blame.

“He was seen and heard giving orders throughout the day and night of the protests,” the suit charges. “DeRay Mckesson was present during the protest and he did nothing to calm the crowd and, instead, he incited the violence on behalf of Black Lives Matter.”

The anonymous cop says he lost teeth, injured his jaw and suffered a serious head injury. In the suit, he blames McKesson for inciting the violence. He points out how relations between cops and the public was already tense because the Dallas PD ambush happened just 2 days earlier — and Alton Sterling had been shot by Baton Rouge cops on July 5.

He’s suing for his medical bills and damages.