Black Love Day

Black Love Day Observed With ‘The Ultimate Black Love Guide’

*Every year Black Love Day is celebrated on February 13th  since 1993; when it was created by the founder of the African American Holiday Association, Ayo Handy Kendi.

Black Love Day

Kendi describes Black Love Day as a “holiday (wholyday) of atonement, reconciliation, celebration and a 24-hour demonstration of Black love.” Black Love is to be demonstrated towards the Creator, oneself, our biological family of loved ones as well as the Black Community as we represent the entire Black Race.

Extending love to African American entrepreneurs, YouTuber and blogger, LeShelle Smith – host of Minority Report featuring Black Owned Businesses, created the Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide – a coupon book filled with discount codes from Black Owned Businesses.

This Download resource will be available February 13, 2017 and submissions are currently being accepted.  Promotion For all Business who participate will be continuous – Not Seasonal, on all social media networks (Facebook:3460, Instagram:1871, Twitter: 888, Newsletter:1161)

Participation requires a High-resolution photo and a Coupon/Discount/Promotion code valid for  1 Year. Inclusion with the submission of 1 photo is Free. Full Page advertisements include up to 3 photos and cost $10.00.

To submit for inclusion in the Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide, send an email to [email protected]. Participants that would like full page advertising will be sent an invoice via PayPal. Deadline to submit will be December 1, 2016.

Minority Report feat. Black Owned Businesses is a video blog on YouTube that celebrates Black Owned businesses. ’ target audience consists of men and women, ages 18-45 who are interested in securing the Black Dollar and safe-guarding its circulation within the Black community.

Watching MRTV videos, reading the blog, or connecting through social media is a highly interactive experience. Followers can expect unbiased opinions before making a purchase. Entrepreneurs can also secure start-up financing information and technology tips to help Blacks in business flourish and grow.

MRTV is a source of information where the African American perspective is a priority. Black entrepreneurs can also use MRTV as a way to connect, collaborate, and cooperate.







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