*Damn, damn, damn! Wait ’til you see/hear what one black woman in an interracial relationship had to deal with from her white (racist) ex-lover and Trump supporter.

The abusive, racist tirade was captured by Madison Amelia and was uploaded to Facebook and shared with the world. In the nearly 2-minute clip, Amelia sits on the couch as the nameless man stands over her yelling about Black Lives Matter, Trump’s alleged plan to send Black people to Africa, and commanding her to get a job.

As the video continues to record the man’s hateful words, including calling her the n-word, Amelia sits stoically recording the furious encounter.

“That’s what Trump should do,” the man says. “The second he is elected [he should] give all you motherf—s tickets back Black Lives Matter go matter to f—ing Ghana … Go dig for f—ing diamonds over there. Have fun !”

According to the Brown Girl Squad Facebook page, Madison suffered physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her ex, which is why she’s no longer with him:

“The young woman in the videos name on fb is Madison Amelia. She reached out to me after the video went viral, and for those genuinely concerned she says that the man is her now EX boyfriend. She was calm in the video so that she could actually record it. He was emotionally and physically abusive. She is safe and happy now. I tried to tag her, but couldn’t. I’m sure she’ll show up here, so take this opportunity to ask her questions under this comment if you’d like”

madison amelia

Madison Amelia

The woman, Madison Amelia, also posted comments regarding the video:

Thank you for sharing! I know I can’t be the only one to have experienced and I wanted people to know that there is so much love on the other side of an abusive relationship. It’s scary to leave, but well worth it.

In an interesting footnote to the story, according to Madison Amelia’s Facebook page, she’s in a new relationship….with another white guy. Whatever.

Here’s what was also posted on the Brown Girl Squad page about the need for (black) women to screen their partners:

“Please screen your partners, black femmes. We tend to be targets of every type of predator. They have no gender NOR do they have a race. We are the demographic expected to pick up the scraps of romantic partners, but FUCK THAT! No matter who you date, it’s critical that your partner doesn’t have values that directly oppose your existence. SCREEN!”