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Christmas Consortium to Host Black Men’s Town Hall

*Christmas Consulting Group, ALJ Consulting, the Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI), the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Urban LA, and Senior Advisor Cheryl Tawede Grills, Ph.D. – referred to as the Christmas Consortium– are hosting a Black Men’s Town Hall on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at Darby Park in Inglewood, CA.

Specializing in culturally competent strategies, this team seeks to nurture healing and systemic change by implementing community based, culturally relevant outreach and education for black men.

Black Men’s Town Hall

Town Hall speakers include internationally renowned psychologist Dr. Cheryl Tawede Grills specializing in African-centered models of treatment engagement for African Americans, Dr. Vincent Moore, Pastor of Messiah Full Gospel Bible Fellowship adept teacher of spiritual development of the mind for personal transformation, and Dr. D’Artagnan Scorza, Executive Director at SJLI and prominent speaker and authoritarian on issues related to boys and men of color.

More than 150 years after the documented emancipation of Black slaves, we continue to see reticent traces of systemic racism, or at least significant cultural dissonance in America.

The recent exposure of excessive violence against seemingly cooperative Black men by police has incited destructive protests and deadly retaliation. Reviews of arcane laws revealed discriminatory policies that contributed to the overincarceration of African Americans and other low income people.

Even the rich and famous are subject to prejudicial treatment, per Tyler Perry, actor, producer, and playwright, w

ho reported racial profiling and harassment in 2012, after being pulled over by Atlanta officers. For nearly four decades, the overdiagnosis of schizophrenia among Blacks has been noted, yet it continues to be a concern.

Although most predator-like behavior is enacted on less affluent, densely populated communities, the common factor is and has always been the array of brown skin exhibited by the prey.

Per the 2015 Hate Crime Report, 58% of all racial hate crimes targeted African Americans in Los Angeles County.

Nationwide demands for accountability for injustices against Blacks have hailed through social media and newsfeeds for nearly 5 years, yet in 2015, fewer than 10% of officers who killed Blacks were charged with a crime.

The Black Men’s Town Hall presents an opportunity to collectively strategize beyond the known infrastructure to make progress toward social justice and systems change, as part of a larger effort called the Black Male Mental Health Awareness Campaign (BM2HAC).

The BM2HAC uses a peer-led education campaign to enhance resilience and responsiveness in this community. This campaign will enhance evidence-based and community defined protective factors among Black men, including positive social support, to increase resilience and decrease the negative emotional impact of the persistent violence, racism and injustice experienced by this population.

The success of this effort will relieve many of our health and human service systems and law enforcement, making it easier to identify the smaller cross-section of those truly in need of treatment or correction. As such, we have involved organizations currently advocating for social justice and equity for this community, service providers, and community institutions to correct erroneous perceptions of, understand deep rooted aggression toward, and impart best practice for engaging and empowering Black men to ensure they thrive.

Christmas Consulting Group (CCG) provides consulting services to non-profit and public sector organizations serving socially and/or economically isolated communities. CCG’s expertise in community advocacy and event coordination have resulted in some of the highest regarded mental health events in the Los Angeles area.

This Campaign is made possible by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health African/African American Underserved Cultural Communities Subcommittee. CCG is also appreciative of the City of Inglewood, Department of Parks, Recreations, and Library Services for allowing use of their Darby Park facility for the Town Hall, and the many agencies that have offered support for this campaign.

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