Don Lemon

CNN Tonight’s Don Lemon (Nov 14, 2016)

*CNN’s Don Lemon could barely hold it together while paying tribute to Gwen Ifill, the “PBS NewsHour” anchor who died Monday at the age of 61.

On Monday’s “CNN Tonight,” Lemon choked down tears as he called Ifill “one of the most talented journalists our of time, period.” He spoke about first meeting Ifill at a National Association of Black Journalists gathering in the 90s, when Lemon was trying to break into broadcast news.

“Gwen, you were a black woman who thrives in this brutal business dominated by mostly men. You transcended race and gender,” Lemon said. “You were simply brilliant and powerful, a quiet storm. Professional, understated, humble.”

While choking up, he added: “I won’t say goodbye, because goodbyes are so hard, but I will say so long and thank you.”

Watch below: