*We bet he won ‘t make that mistake again. And what mistake is that you ask. The unpardonable sin of voting for Donald Trump, that’s what.

You see, this Texas mother don’t play that. Not in her house. No way, no how . She’s so hardcore she booted dude from the house and now folks are calling for a child services investigation.

In the video recorded by the mother, she tells her 7-year-old son he has to go because he voted for Donald Trump in a mock election at school.

“You want to vote for him. Come on. I’ll show you.”

The boy cries as he’s escorted out and walked down the street from his house in Fresno, TX.

“I’m just appalled by it,” one neighbor said after seeing the video.

To a lot of folks, the video is sickening. The unidentified mom is presumably trying to teach her boy a lesson, but clearly goes too far. Even worse, she recorded the crying kid’s ordeal and posted it on the Internet.

The mother posted the video to her Facebook page — which then got shared nearly 200,000 times.

It eventually made its way to Child Protective Services and the Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office.

On Friday, both agencies met with the mother and son.

“From the video, right now, I have to say no, (nothing illegal about the video) but it’s an ongoing investigation,” Joe Luera, FBCSO, said.

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