*Disney recently hosted a press day in Burbank at the Disney Channel Building for their new live-action series “MECH-X4,”  which has already been renewed for a season two before the premiere of season one.

EURweb associate Jay Styles spoke with the creator and Executive Producer Steve Marmel who shared his thoughts on already being renewed for season two.

“That was amazing. That was the first time in my career that I’ve been a part of that. It was pretty cool and it was a great testament to how much Disney loves the show and how much faith they have in all of the people it takes to make it happen.”

Kamran Lucas, stars as Harris the science genius and the voice of reason, and we asked him who is the level headed one off set.

“Probably Nate [Nathaniel Potvin] because he’s like the mature one, Raymond is obviously the oldest but I wouldn’t say he’s the most mature you know. Definitely Nate, he keeps all of us grounded and like he’s the serious one but he’s got a fun side to him too.”

While auditioning for their respective roles, the cast members attended a chemistry test as their final audition and Pearce Joza whose character “Spyder”  is in charge of MECH-X4’s arsenal of weapons, tells us about the chemistry on set as well as who is the jokester.

“The jokester is probably Raymond who plays “Mark”, he’s the one. He did a little pen thing where he gave someone a pen and it shocked them. It’s fun and it’s a harmless prank.”

The oldest of the cast members, Raymond Cham, whose character is the star athlete and whiz mechanic, has a background in dancing and has even performed on “Dancing with The Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” We had to ask him if he’s familiar with the viral dance “JuJu on the Beat” and if he could show us a thing or two however; he said that he doesn’t even mess with the new dance but gave us somewhat of the Ju Ju, just without the beat.

The Disney series is a story of four unlikely teenage heroes who must quickly learn how to work together as a team to maneuver MECH-X4, their only hope of saving their town and ultimately the world.

“MECH-X4” premiere weekend kicks off this Friday, November 11 —  Sunday, November 13 with four back-to-back episodes on Disney Channel.