*LA based radio host Mo’Kelly was among those on a panel Thursday night on CNN to discuss Donald Trump‘s reaction to people in the streets all over the country protesting him being president-elect. Here’s what Mo’Kelly had to say:

“This is really not about the media. This is not even about the protesters. I personally, I don’t agree with the protests. Because if you wanted to “protest,” the time to protest was at the ballot box. They missed that opportunity.

But it does highlight this frustration, this anger, this venting of displeasure with our system and also Donald Trump. Donald Trump is trying to be the Commander-In-Tweet, not the Commander-In-Chief. He has the responsibility now to be a calming influence, not try to re-litigate the election, not try to dismiss protesters. The First Amendment rights are still available for everyone, including the protesters…even though we may not agree with them.

Donald Trump needs to make the transition from the candidate to the President-Elect and acting accordingly.”