*I’ve always wondered about the real people behind the face on some of the most famous TV commercials. Honestly, I really wondered if they were millionaires now?

I mean, we know people like Jared Fogel — who made millions as the face of Subway for decades after losing a massive amount of weight — has now been revealed as a pedophile, and his legacy is now revised as he serves a sizeable amount of time in prison.  But what about ‘Lily’ from AT&, ‘Flo’ from Progressive Insurance, and the ‘can you hear me now guy’ from Verizon?

And then there’s that lady who does all of those ‘Thrive’ voiceovers for Kaiser Permanente.

You may be shocked to find out who she is.

These folks are now like our relatives, we’ve become so accustomed to seeing them on TV or hearing them on the radio, We know their faces or voice so well.

You may want to meet some of the real people behind the faces and voices that became imprinted in our psyche.

I know I do.

So I did a little digging.

Check out what I found on EURThisNthat.