*The idea of a Trump presidency is super SHOCKING to a lot of people and a whole bunch of them are doing something about it. They’re taking to the streets to protest all over the country.

And the demonstrations are growing bigger and more intense as it has become clear Wednesday that Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote, if not the electoral college.

New York. Chicago. Oakland. San Francisco. Seattle. Washington D.C. Boston. LA. Many of the country’s left-leaning cities are responding to the shock of having elected a president that to them represents all things xenophobic, racist, and sexist.

“Trump is not my president!” protesters in Chicago were heard chanting.

“Not my President. Not today,” others yelled back.

In NYC, Lady Gaga, a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter who had performed at the Democratic candidate’s final rally in North Carolina, stood atop a sanitation truck outside Trump Tower in New York, brandishing a sign that read: “Love trumps hate.”

So far, even though there have been arrests at some of the protests, most are peaceful demonstrations. But none of that matters to America’s chief a-hole sheriff, David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. He’s denouncing the protests

“These temper tantrums from these radical anarchists must be quelled. There is no legitimate reason to protest the will of the people,” Clarke said on Twitter, even though the former secretary of state won the popular vote.