*This story may inspire all pet owners whose precious family members got lost by mistake.

Amy Baca’s  Lhasa Apso, “Brownie,” ran out a door that was left open accidentally in 2007, and the family searched  far and wide before giving up any hope that he would be found.

Fast forward nine years later, when Baca received a message on Facebook from Kathy Hamel, owner of Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue.

The dog had been left in front of a tattoo parlour, and some kind soul dropped him off at Hamel’s rescue facility.

Fortunately, the dog had a chip. But Hamel wasn’t sure it would be of much use after all this time, as owner’s move and contact info becomes outdated. Thankfully, Baca had registered her information with more than one agency, so once the chip was discovered, Hamel was able to move forward in attempts to reach her.

Whew! It is times like this that, when used correctly, social media really proves its worth.

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