Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton

*We TV has released a “Braxton Family Values” trailer for the second half of season five, which highlights everything from arrests, to divorce drama to social media dragging.

But it’s their father’s wife that seems to churn the most tension moving forward.

Flashbacks from earlier seasons show the Braxton sisters’ roller coaster ride with their dad, Michael Conrad Braxton Sr., who, according to Toni, “forgot about us” when he remarried shortly after divorcing Evelyn.

“I want to plan a trip to Mexico,” Tamar announces, unfazed by sister Trina’s suggestion that “Daddy’s gonna want to bring his wife.”

“She can’t come,” Tamar fires back. “Everybody ain’t invited to the party.”

It appears that Michael Sr. and his wife do end up in Mexico with the siblings, and, the promo declares, “What the other Mrs. Braxton tells them will change their world forever.”

“You gotta choose your kids!” Tamar screams in tears over scenes of an emotional family dinner. “It doesn’t matter!”

Watch it all go down in the promo below, followed by a clip showing Tamar speaking to Toni about finding her a man. New episodes begin airing Thursday, March 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv.

Below, WE tv plugs the new season in its own words:

When viewers check back in with the sisters, rumors of marital troubles between Tamar and Vince are making headlines, and the couple discusses the possibility of having another baby, which leaves the sisters confused and concerned. Toni, on the other hand, is enjoying the budding of a new love—and is finally ready to take her relationship public! For the first time in years, the notoriously private superstar is opening up about the new man in her life, Birdman. Towanda files for divorce from Andre and swears this time there is no turning back. The seemingly amicable divorce takes a turn for the worse, though, when Andre petitions for full custody of the children. Could the rumors of a new man in Towanda’s life be the reason behind Andre’s change of heart? Meanwhile, Trina is continuing to grow her business but when she asks her sisters to help taste test her new menu, things explode as Trina and Tamar come to blows leaving Towanda left to play peacemaker. Traci becomes a spokeswoman for a new line of Vodka and is continuing to work on a solo album. She’s also attempting the resolve past issues with sister Tamar however things between them come to a head. Will these two finally put their issues to rest?