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*Hey Gilbert (what kinda f*ck ass name is Gilbert?), you should be stomped on, burned alive, thrown off a f*cking cliff, and your corpse should be chopped into pieces and fed to a gutter rat. You, sir, are a bitch ass n*gga.

To put it plainly, Mr. Gilbert Arenas isn’t important (not even a little bit). He officially retired from the NBA in 2013 because his weak ass legs couldn’t withstand the rigor of professional competition. So, after years of being absent from the limelight, he’s decided to grab some attention by spewing flagrantly disrespectful comments toward dark-skinned black women.

According to, “Gilbert a.k.a. “@No.Chill.Gil was creeping on the IG page of Pan Africanist Rashidi Kweli a.k.a. @ProBlkThought who posted a message to dark skinned black girls.”

“Your African features are all you need for attractiveness,” read a post on Kweli’s page. “Never tell yourself or let anyone tell you that in order to be attractive you must be mixed.”

“And while most people were supportive of the pro-black message, Gilbert decided to hop into the comments section with some skin-crawling color struck shade,” writes Bossip.

“How dark are we talking,” said Gilbert. “Can u name a beautiful black women [sic] on the outside…not brown skin…like Tyrese, black.”

He also added that Lupita Nyong’o is “only cute when the lights are off” and model Ajuma Nasenyana is #2. “Sorry but ewww,” said Arenas.

Now before I go any further, let me say that I really have no business getting on someone else’s case for being disrespectful to black women. If you (the reader) follow my work, then you know that since 2013 I’ve been openly critical of African Americans, particularly black women. I won’t apologize for that, and I stand by everything that I’ve published.


gilbert arenas (wizards)

However, in spite of my reputation, it still burns me up whenever I hear black men openly attack the physical characteristics of black women. That’s where I tend to draw the line.

My mother is a beautiful dark-skinned woman, so is my girlfriend, and my grandmother. I won’t tolerate f*ck n*ggas like “Gilbert” taking shots at sisters in one breath, and then praising Whites and Latinos as if they’re better in any way. His ex-wife is Latino. His children are bi-racial — but that funny looking, washed up buffoon is one-hundred percent nigga (complete with bug eyes, a massive nose, and big ass lips). He should know better than to publicly demean and disrespect his own kind. Seriously, if black women can’t turn to black men for support and encouragement, the black family paradigm has absolutely no chance of surviving.
Speaking of black families, “Gilbert” and rapper T.I. must be drinking the same woman-bashing Kool-Aid. I nearly fell out of my chair after hearing T.I. refer to his now ex-wife and children as “distractions.” It would be one thing for ol’ dude to say this in private, but he made the statement during a f*cking radio show. This act of betrayal flies in the face of every bullshit piece of wisdom he’s ever shared regarding the importance of family and loyalty. The n*gga clearly doesn’t practice what he preaches.

But I digress.

Perhaps that’s why so many sisters are running into the arms of White, Mexican, (and dare I say) Asian American partners. It’s because black men refuse to step up and take care of their own. Instead of trying make their community and families stronger, many of these cowards who call themselves “men” are running away from their duties as fathers, husbands, and community leaders. I aint tryna preach, and I’m certainly not a saint, but I’ve been seeing way too many sellouts happily skipping about with their white girlfriends, hoping to be seen. You can see the jubilation and pride in their eyes…it provides them with a sense of validation and accomplishment.

That’s why “Gilbert” needs his ass whooped — he’s a n*gga who’s been stuck in “sunken place” for decades (I just vacation there occasionally). The man is obviously “koonfused,” but that doesn’t excuse his comments, it doesn’t excuse the fact that he and so many other black men are failing to provide sisters with the unconditional love and support they deserve. I’m not suggesting that black women are infallible (they need to be checked sometimes too). But I refuse to sit back and watch black men shit all over black women — it’s our job to protect our own. But instead, we continuously do and say things to make our women feel worthless and unwanted.
It really pisses me off when n*ggas elevate light skin above dark skin, as if one shade is inherently more attractive or appealing than the other. Colorism has no place within the black community. This concept was designed to divide African Americans and poison them with feelings of insecurity and self-hatred. It was designed to prevent black slaves from developing self-love, self-worth and inner-confidence. It was designed to ensure that future generations of “colored folk” would look at their skin and cringe with disgust. It’s a sickening example of mental enslavement. And worse, this repugnant disease will likely exist for many years to come.

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Cory Haywood

This piece was written by  Southern California based Cory A. Haywood, a freelance writer and expert on Negro foolishness. Contact him via: [email protected] and/or visit his blog:, or send him a message on Twitter: @coryahaywood