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*Crazy Days and Nights has pulled a Blind Item out of their vault, and it comes on the heels of the recent pearl-clutching headlines about one of the players involved.

Enty over at CDNA writes:

I hadn’t thought about this one in awhile when I saw one of the subjects in the news today and it brought it all back. This happened not even a decade ago, but not many people probably remember it. It involves a permanent A list mostly movie actor and a celebrity who at the time was not that high on the celebrity list and known more for who she had been married to.

Things are hot and heavy between our couple and they decide they should take things to the next level. There was just one problem. OK, more than one problem. Our actor had been telling the celebrity repeatedly for a long time that his most recent ex was lying about something big.

It turns out it was our actor who was lying. Our actor also told the celebrity he was into some kinky sex. She was too, BUT, he failed to mention that he also liked to involve a third person and who that person was. Finally, he was upset that the celebrity would not be willing to drop something despite her telling him that she needed to keep it in order to keep getting paid as part of her previous divorce agreement.

ALL of these things came out in one night. All of it. It was the fight of fights. The argument of arguments and they were done the next day. To keep her silence, our actor wrote her a $1M check right there and then.

Can you guess who the players are in this Blind Item?

A list actor:
Most recent ex:
Third person: