monique (screenshot - good day la)

*Last week at the Apollo theater Mo’Nique did a scathing comedy set about Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels getting her shut out of Hollywood (Click Here).

It was a extension of her earlier discussion on the Sway radio show a few years back that better explained it all. (See video below).

It appears that Monique is getting grassroots support from political commentator Yvette Carnell, and her Breaking Brown show’s following.  In her show last night Carnell laid out a detailed backstory to understanding all the Hollywood characters involved, and her view of Black Hollywood’s role with Black America. (See video below)

The two exchanged powerful tweets of support between sisters:


We can only hope the two will do a show together in the coming weeks that will give a context to why for Black America to get ahead, we must always demand more.

Yvette Carnell Show 5/17/17

Mo’Nique Interview with Sway