Dominique and Paul at BB19

Dominique and Paul at BB19

*”Big Brother” fans watching the live feeds are calling one of the houseguests racist for plotting a stunt that involves “blackface” to mock an African American castmates in their ongoing feud.

Paul Abrahamian, the lone houseguest who also appeared in a previous season, is at odds with black housemate Dominique after hearing that she called him a “snake.” His plan is to mock her by dressing up as a snake, apparently using blackface as part of his costume.

Watch Paul get input from other houseguests on his planned stunt below:

Paul’s plot, which has yet to be carried out, is being labeled racist by live feed watchers and has caused his mother to receive death threats on social media, such as, “Your house should burn down and everyone in it.”

His mom tells TMZ that Paul is no racist, because he’s Lebanese-Armenian, has been called a “terrorist” and accused of being in the Taliban.

She tells TMZ she knows he wouldn’t stoop to using racist tactics, and says Paul’s just putting together a funny, makeshift snake costume. Nothing more than that.

The next episode of “Big Brother” airs tonight (July 19) at 8 p.m. on CBS. The next live eviction is on Thursday (July 20) at 9 p.m.