*It’s been proven that the rate of change and improvement since the end of the Industrial Revolution has been accomplished in exponential increments.

The same holds true for language and customs. Many of you will recall, not too long ago, that LOL meant Lots Of Love. Now the current jargon for LOL provides the extension of that love with laughter

On June 16th of last year, Donald J. Trump officially announced his bid to run for the highest office of our land. With virtually no history of political leadership, nor history of the country for that matter, he sought to run, and eventually defeated thirteen other GOP hopefuls in the process and won the nomination … regardless of some rather unsavory tactics. He was and remains a high profile and successful real estate mogul … after several previous bankruptcies.  Additionally, he served as executive producer/host of the NBC hit series, “The Apprentice.”  He applauded himself consistently and conspicuously, believing that these noteworthy resume components and his common sense validated the bid for residency at 1600 Penn Avenue.

Now elected, it has become evident that his transition from reality TV to the real world failed to register in his responsibilities from one paradigm to the other.  Often he is stumped with questions from other leaders, political pundits and the media at large about his positions on issues ranging from the health care conundrum to the lack of proposed job growth and more.   His responses are, in varying degrees, the same: Vague, Uninformed, Disingenuous, Reactionary, Disrespectful, Embarrassing and Hurtful.

Seven months after his inauguration, ambivalence and angst remain rampant throughout all levels of his executive branch of government. This obvious disorder of attitude adjustment is extending itself to other disciplines of authority and worse, to the American people. Those who counted on him to deliver in areas of more viable health care, a restructured tax plan, a more calculated and pragmatic travel ban, anticipated job hikes, robust leadership in the free world, and much more … they are now becoming more bewildered by broken promises.  The final exclamation point (for now) came when the two foremost heads of state on the planet convened tete a` tete at the G-20 summit in Hamburg.  Again our President showed little forbearance and pretty much acquiesced to President Putin’s disavowal of any cyber hacking. Seventeen US intelligence agencies avowed the opposite. This was the pivotal moment to enact strength and diplomacy. Sadly, Mr. Trump hardly demonstrated either.

No doubt, his television audience appeal and routine exposure to lights, camera and action greatly enabled his comfort level when transitioning to the more complex catwalk of government, statesmanship and character. Regardless of political party or nation affiliation, the intended leader of the free world has failed to become better at consulting, conferring and compromising with others. Bluster without back-up just will not work. That strategy may be advantageous in the business arena, but it is not in the world of my daughter and my grandson. These are times and circumstances for positive and deliberate action, not off-the-cuff acting nor ineffective cajoling.

Almost routinely, White House staffers are both dodging and explaining unanticipated actions and statements by their boss with what they hope will fend off the blowback that the President has become notorious for. Whether he is still complaining about DNC emails, how and why he fired former FBI Director, James Comey, accusing President Obama for the Russian interference with our elections, withdrawing our leadership support with long time allied countries … these and a plethora more are simply detours from getting significant legislation passed and having substantive plans to assure the country’s security and safety.

More so and as disturbingly, Ivanka Trump’s dad has demonstrated an inability to trust others, relying mostly on himself for conclusiveness. Often, with a capricious-like childish behavior one can sense that he feels he has to get even with whomever “… was not nice to him.”   Coupled with intermittent mood swings, as displayed by his now infamous tweets, these types of concerns for a seventy year old adult highlight the necessity of re-evaluating his psychological stamina to remain our idiomatically tagged, Commander-in-Grief?

This is not fake news. These observations are not fabrications; they are factual.   His psyche is absorbed with a personality glitch, narcissism. Psychologists define it as extreme selfishness with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and craving for admiration. Staffers, aides, elected officials, consultants and friends have overwhelmingly advised the Queens New York native on matters in which to engage or not to. Predictably, he overrides their decisions because he believes he is always right. Really. He needs to rid himself of that thin skin and fragile mentality, replacing them with a strong spine and an open mind. Those are not just sabers we hear rattling … it could be Dr. Jekyll conferring with  Mr. Hyde.

In less than a year, waves of medical studies have concluded that Donald Trump does not know what he does not know. Why? Simply, because he is incapable. I am not stretching the truth because I don’t like the man; I am telling the truth about the man who, for all intents and purposes, won’t get better at what he was elected to do.  Serve the American people with dignity, respect and intelligence.

So the next time you learn something that has you scratch your head, yet again, because POTUS deviated into unchartered territory with no plan nor patience to proceed, you now have some reasons why the water has gotten swampy. Consequently, the updated acronym, “WTF!” … Why Trump’s Failing! It should remind you of the first “WTF”, without laughter.”


CJ Living Legends 2016 2 Chris Jones, a native New Yorker residing in Los Angeles has written consistently about his observations of ethics and culture in the urban community. A political science enthusiast and staunch supporter of voter registration, his professional background includes senior level appointments for promotion and marketing responsibilities at Island, Motown and Warner Bros record companies, respectively. Response to his commentary can be forwarded to: [email protected].