Jackie Christie (L) and Takari Lee

Jackie Christie (L) and Takari Lee

*Jackie Christie’s criminal past is in these streets thanks to her estranged daughter.

Takari Lee, the eldest child of the “Basketball Wives LA” star, has written a new tell all book that details a family hustle that got her mom arrested.

“To make ends meet, the family started doing what came to be known as Mall Runs,” Lee writes in her upcoming memoir “Lights to Her Shadow.”

“My grandmother, mother and aunts would drive to the area malls and take stolen goods back to department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom’s, to name a few. Doing mall runs sometimes took all day and we kids had to sit in the car waiting for them to finish their business.”

She explained getting ready for school one day and noticing a nervous energy about her grandmother. “By the time we left out, I had learned that my mother was in jail.”

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