*Someone in Kenya Moore’s camp has been spilling the tea about her personal business, leaving many fans of the ‘RHOA’ star wondering if she’s been betrayed by someone close to her, or if Kenya herself is telling all as yet another tricky PR move.

fameoloustv.com reports how the Moore source has revealed that Kenya is undergoing IVF treatment because she desperately wants a baby boy. The person claims Kenya only wants a doctor who is black and she supposedly is taking 3 shots weekly.

This is the same source who dropped the scoop about Bravo being upset with Moore for getting married without telling them. TMZ recently confirm that story.

This is also the same source who leaked Kenya’s plans to sell Moore Manor.

Kenya has contacted 2 prominent Atlanta real estate agencies with an offer that 1 of them has refused already.

Kenya’s representative approached the first agency trying to sell Moore Manor, but she had a few conditions. The house was to be unlisted, meaning no Trulia, Realtor, Zillow, ect. She didn’t want any open houses. And she wants a cash-only buyer and a quick close.

The reason the first agency told her the business relationship wouldn’t work out is because Kenya is adamant about an exclusive agency listing. That just means that the agent only gets paid if the agent sells the house. If Kenya finds a buyer herself, or if a buyer approaches Kenya directly, the agent doesn’t get paid, not even a nominal fee for the work the agent did up to that point.

Most real estate agencies hate those types of listings because it means the seller is highly motivated, doesn’t mind burning the midnight oil, and usually knows what the house is worth so the seller knows exactly what to ask for to get the house sold relatively quickly.

The fact that she wants a cash-offer isn’t to be interpreted that she’s having financial difficulties, quite the opposite. It just means that she’s EXCLUDING rank and file people who have to go to a bank from wasting her time.

When asked why she had so many demands, the rep stated that the client was a high profile individual and was starting a new chapter in her life. Kenya’s name was never mentioned until later on when the agency asked for the potential listing address. Someone googled it and found out that it was Moore Manor.

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Bravo executives are not going fire Kenya for season 10 but according to the source:

She knows that True Entertainment and Bravo are not happy with her actions. There are talks about an “appropriate punishment” for Kenya that may include diminished screen time or even demotion to Friend of Housewives status.

Kenya is in a good place in her life and completely unbothered and will start shooting scenes from season 10 in the coming days. Kenya has told production that if anyone mentions her new husband she will make sure the scene can’t be used for tv even with the best editing. That pretty much means she’ll either ignore the person who mentioned her marriage/husband (production hates this because they can’t do anything with a blank stare) or she’ll break the 4th wall and mention production which will make the scene completely useless.

On Kenya’s IVF process, the source says:

After a routine visit, Dr. Walters told Kenya that if she was serious about getting pregnant, she would have to make some lifestyle changes and see the best physician available.

Before making any recommendations, Kenya told Dr. Walters that she would prefer a female doctor and a woman of color. Dr. Walters recommended Dr. Kathleen Valenton at the Rodeo Drive Women’s Health Center. To my knowledge, Dr. Walters doesn’t know Dr. Valenton, but she was impressed with a peer reviewed study or a presentation on infertility that both attended a few years back.

If Kenya is able to get pregnant and deliver the boy that her and husband have decided on having, it’ll be Dr. Valenton who will get the job done. Yes, Kenya wants a boy, which is why her IVF journey isn’t an ordinary one.

Dr. Valenton told Kenya that the journey is going to take at least 18 months. She put her on a strict diet. And she gets 3 weekly injections.

Do you think Kenya Moore should be demoted on ‘RHOA’ because she refuses to allow Bravo cameras to document her marriage?