Aramis Ayala, first Black State Attorney for Florida, gives the officer that stopped her on some lame excuse…a look, as he stumbles to explain.

*Aramis Ayala, Florida’s first and only Black State attorney was pulled over by two police officers who stuttered and stumbled once they realized their oops! I can only imagine the dinner conversation at Ayala’s table that night.

Husband: Honey, how was your day?

Wife: Oh fine. Except I was racially profiled.

In the video below, Ayala can be seen searching in her purse for her license as the officers approach. They get to the car, she hands them the license, and the conversation goes something like this…

Officer: What agency do you work for?

Ayala: I’m the State Attorney.

Stumble #1… the officer, in his best attempt at game-face, immediately launches into why she was stopped.

Read more and watch video of the incident at EURThisNthat.