Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson

*Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson went on a little tweet rant last night (July 19) questioning the roots of racism, and attempting to understand why it exists in the human world when it doesn’t among insects.

“Of course there are different orders of arachnids, and there are almost 50,000 different kinds of spiders, but could you imagine a brown recluse being racist against a black widow because of their color? or a group of daddy long legs? like.. they’re all the same species,” she wrote. “So why the F**K are humans so caught up in race when we’re all the same species. LEARN FROM SPIDERS PEOPLE.”

It all started when Paris tweeted a link to an article from Seventeen magazine titled “Paris Doesn’t Get Why Everyone’s Making Such a Big Deal About Cultural Appropriation.” She said in her tweet: “Let me be clear then…if certain culture is being capitalized and used for profit then yes, shame on them. but if it’s innocent appreciation?”

That prompted a follower to respond: “I think we need to move beyond thinking any culture can “own” any particular style. It only segregates us unnecessarily imo.”

Paris wrote back: “Segregation is apart[SIC] of our culture as humans. religion, politics, fashion, you name it. we always find division instead of unity.”

And then she brought up spiders:

In other Paris news, paps caught her earlier this week breaking into the home of her stylist, Sonia Young.

The 19-year-old’s tasseled loose-knit cardigan ended up snagged on the fence as she tried to hoist herself over it.

“me casually breaking into @soniamichelle’s house,” Paris wrote in her Instagram caption Monday along with a three-picture montage of her scaling the wall.

me casually breaking into @soniamichelle’s house

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