*Former players from the MLB, NBA and NFL went head-to-head to compete for their respective charities on “Celebrity Family Feud.”

During the first round of the competitive game, it was the MLB against the NBA, with the former led by Ozzie Smith and the latter by James Worthy. In the second round, it was the NFL all-stars, led by Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell, and NFL legends, led by Marshall Faulk.

Host Steve Harvey was seemed more excited to talk to the football stars until Bell left him speechless with his answer about what he would do if a naked woman showed up at his doorstep.

Steve asked Faulk and Bell, “We asked 100 married men — You’re home alone, the doorbell rings, it’s a naked lady. What do you do?”

Bell was the first to hit his buzzer and answered, “Get her number.”

His response left Steve a bit dumbfounded.

“Ask her for her phone number? She already naked, she’s at the door, and your ass needs her number! Come on, Le’Veon!”

Peep the clip above.

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As the game continued, Harvey couldn’t get over Bell’s answer, so acted out how the scene would unfold in real life. Steve said, “Ding-dong. Ah, lookie here,” as he pretended to check out a naked woman, “Yeah, let me have your phone number.”

Faulk added to the hilarity as he was looking to score and answered, “Give her a ride.” While the former NFL running back obviously just meant he would transport her by car, Steve took it in a more sexual way, saying, “Give her a ride… of her life!”

While some viewers took to social media to express their amusement, others… not so much. One user wrote: “Just goes to show what happens when blacks take over a TV show.”

Another called it a “ghetto show,” while yet another posted: “Top 100 answers on the board. If you walked into a room and sees yo mama havin sex wit a stranger and yo daddy is smoking crack wit yo sista, what would yo gon do?”

A user who goes by Nanook added, “the show has gone black and now it’s no good.”