Tried To Expose Elite Pedophile Ring

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*Rapper Prodigy, real name Albert Johnson, one-half of the legendary hip-hop duo Deep, died suddenly last month reportedly from Sickle Cell Anemia. Following news of his death, further reports surfaced claiming his cause of death was actually caused by choking on a hard-boiled egg.

Folks have been wondering how does someone choke to death while inside a hospital? Were there not monitors to alert medical staff that he was in distress?

Did they ignore distress signals?

Maybe so, cause now, alternate news sites are reporting that the rap pioneer was actually murdered for attempting to expose Illuminati child sex rituals, Counter Current News reports.

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Tried To Expose Elite Pedophile Ring

Photo credit: Counter Current News

Prodigy died on June 20th after he was hospitalized following a performance during the Art of Rap Tour in Las Vegas, with Havoc, Ghostface Killah, Onyx, KRS-One, and Ice-T.

The exact cause of his death is yet to be determined, but fans have grown suspicious because Prodigy was known for speaking out about the wicked global elites who rule the world.

Many credit him for hip-hop’s obsession with secret societies. Some point to his solo song “Illuminati,” from his 2008 album “H.N.I.C. Part 2,” as the moment when he first made his views on the occult elite public.

According to All HipHop, Prodigy was even working on a “play designed to expose Illuminati pedophile rings.”

In 2014, he took to Twitter to post a link about an Illuminati network that was selling children to be used in “Voodoo child sex rituals” for “pedophile sex tourists,” saying: “i told y’all mf’s they doing sex rituals on kids. smh. dumb ass people need to wake tf up!!”

Kathy Iandoli – the co-author of Prodigy’s Commissary Kitchen – spoke to Complex about the rapper was working on next.

“The one thing we were planning on doing was a musical about the Illuminati and how the obsession with the Illuminati infiltrated people’s opinions of Hip Hop,” said Iandoli.

Adding, “We were initially going to do an interactive type of musical with a company that runs The Illuminati Ball, but then we decided to take our idea to an off-Broadway situation. Tell a story with a very specific beginning, middle, and end. But [the story] began with prison; it was semi-autobiographical.”

What do you make of the mystery and suspicions surrounding Prodigy’s death?