*On Friday evening, September 8th, SoCal music lovers ventured out to the Catalina Bar and Grill in Hollywood to see singers Norwood Young and Alyson Williams pay tribute to Luther Vandross and Phyllis Hyman.

The two entertainers did not disappoint!

First, Alyson Williams was totally on her Phyllis Hyman point. She was channeling the late singer and everyone in attendance could see how she could play Phyllis in the stage play/musical, “Thank God the Beat Goes On.” Alyson’s rendition of, “Living All Alone,” was priceless and would have made Phyllis proud. The standing ovation she received was well deserved.

alyson williams - catalinanorwood young - catalina

The crowd could feel the evening was going to continue to be special when Norwood Young began his set by moving through the audience as he belted out “Bad Boy/Having a Party.”

Although he didn’t sound like Luther on every song – after all, who could – he hit the mark more than enough to make it do what it do. (Check out what he does with Luther’s “Superstar/Until You Come Back to Me” via the player above.)

Darius McCray, from “Family Matters,” was there and handled Gregory Hines’ part of “There’s Nothing Better than Love” very admirably.

Norwood Young brings out the beautiful people. Actress Beverly Todd, who has to be at least 70 now, looked good. I can only hope. LOL!

I’m not heavy into female comics, but Nortrice Banner, the opening act, was funny enough for me to look her up to see if she is performing anywhere near me. Oh how I love a good comedy show. Let’s just say I could repeat last Friday in a heartbeat.

If you ever get a chance to see Norwood, Alyson or Nortrice, GO!

Marilyn Smith is a Los Angeles Based writer/reviewer. Contact her via [email protected].