*The photo of the former Princess Di with her then-husband, Prince Charles, would’ve been a perfect one for this topic on body language. Especially for those of us who remember how it turned out. But unfortunately, if you want to see it, you’ll have to click here because licensing won’t allow us to use it.

Oh well.

No worries. Here’s the real deal. The other day a friend who innocently went to get something from the trunk of her early 20’s, live-at-home daughters’ car saw something she just couldn’t un-see. It was something of a sexual nature. I’ve learned (and warned others) about the dangers of snooping and that the results might be something other than what you expect — or hope for.

Case in point: I have searched for and located people from the past that I now wish I would have never found.

That friend’s particular incident turned out to be innocent on both sides. It seems Dick in a Box is actually the name of a music group. A good save for sure.

But if you’re really in tune with people, especially those close to you, you may not have to snoop. You don’t have to go stealing your partners phone to see if he or she has been texting someone else. You don’t have to hire a private investigator to follow her; or rent a different car to follow him. Just take a serious look at their body language.

Think about it. Before the two of you broke up there were signs. Serious ones. In the song, Say My Name, the group Destiny’s Child even sang about “You ain’t calling me baby.” This reminds me of a time shortly before a breakup from one of my own exes. We were in a group setting and he was a tad more distracted than I was accustomed to him being.

The signs are clearer than we may want to see at the time.

Which brings me to an article I came across; where an expert in the field of communications specializing in body language shares signs that help you “read your partner” — by checking out their body language. She certainly makes it sound easy. But that’s not to say that it is. Let’s face it, its a skill not everybody has.

For example, and this may seem crazy, but something as simple as a raise of the eyebrows apparently speaks volumes.

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