*“We looked at it as the greatest story never told.”

Executive Producer DeVon Franklin’s, “The Star,” hits theaters this week and is about teamwork, hope and stepping outside of your perspective because the hero, Bo the donkey, needs all of the other animals to help him become successful.

EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas sat down with the voice cast and found out what sets this narrative apart from prequels.

Gina Rodriguez the voice of Mary in ‘The Star’

EUR: How is this Christmas story different from other stories?

Gina Rodriguez (voice of Mary): It’s a beautiful story for children and adults. It’s going to make you cry, laugh, love and feel hope. And during these times, we need a lot of that now.

Zachary Levi (voice of Joseph): Whether you grew up as a Christian or not, we’ve all hear about The Christmas Story. There’s so many iterations of it on TV or film but none have been from the animal’s perspective, in a kind, fun and energetic animated way that also gives kids a new way to digest it.

Zachary Levi the voice of Joseph in ‘The Star’

Patricia Heaton (voice of Edith the Cow): Kids love animated movies with animals. “The Star” is clever because it’s filmed from the animals point of view. You couldn’t really do humor without doing it through the animals and you need a little bit of physical comedy.

Patricia Heaton the voice of Edith the cow in ‘The Star’

EUR: How did you create the tone and sound of your character?

Patricia Heaton: Edith’s (the Cow) voice is what my high school acting teacher told me I should never do. It’s my Cleveland accents with a nasal twang. My acting teacher said, ‘you are never going to make it as an actress if you don’t correct your accent.’ But here I am making some money off of doing that accent.

“The Star” appears in theaters nationwide on November 17th, click here to watch the trailer.